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This past Valentine's Day, I had the opportunity to meet a lover.  He's Parisian, decadent and irresistible as can be.  I've been his distant admirer for some time now and it was only a matter of time before we met.  Can you guess who? 

First name: Parisian.  Last name: Macaron.  Middle name: Oh-so-yummy! 

I recently came to discover the little delicacies that the food blogosphere has been raving about and I couldn't help but let my epi-curiosity get the best of me.  So, for V-Day, I made it my mission to visit Miette's Confiserie in the marina district of beautiful San Francisco (Sadly, this location will be closing in April, but the Ferry Building one will still be in full swing!).  It was love at first sight.  I felt like a little girl that had just stepped foot into the most whimsical vintage candy shop you can ever dream up.  I was enamored with their pink and jade milk glass cake pedestals that displayed all their little dainties and even moreso with the many cute little details that went into designing the shop.  Of course, I had my handy Nikon to document my encounter and was snapping away like crazy.  The shop girl didn't mind and was so nice.  I decided to try 2 of each flavor of macarons featured that day: grapefruit, pistachio and rose petal. 

And as I was carefully nibbling away on my sliver of heaven, all I could think about was how in the world did this teeny weeny piece of batter pack so much flavor and sheer goodness? The moist, pillowy texture of the macaron effortlessly melted in my mouth and I had to admit that I was smitten at first bite.

Now, my next mission: Make my own macarons.  Time to age some egg whites!  My journey awaits..so stay tuned :)

There were so many cutie temptations in the shop, including this adorable little carrot cupcake topped with a pretty blush pink flower.

And so much imported and local handmade candies!

UPDATE:  More photos of Miette at the Ferry Building.


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