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  • I'm a budding food-tographer turned blogger who's insanely passionate about food..real food...the kind that sprouts from the earth and you have to wash it to eat it. Yes, hearty real food. I live to eat and I eat to live and am loving every bit of it! If you're here, then I suppose we share the same passion! Enjoy!

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One of the best parts of Sundays are the moments we spend with family.  My parents are just a hop, skip and a stone's throw away from my doorstep and even then, it's sometimes tough to free up my busy schedule amidst work and school.  This weekend, however, was my dad's birthday, so my mom decided to whip up something special:  golden, delicious egg rolls.  I drool whenever she makes them b/c they are hands down the best and to top it off, my family always has a side of fresh green lettuce, cilantro, home-grown mint, English cucumbers and Vietnamese coriander.  Love it!

The tasty morsels are hand-rolled with a mixture of shredded carrots, ground pork, wood ear mushrooms, mung bean noodles, yellow onion and the clincher: eggs before they're deep fried to resemble little logs of gold bling.  But of course, being that I'm a fool in love with food, I can't help but take a bite immediately when it comes out of the pan (and after I pat it with a paper towel).  It's the burn-my-tastebuds type of goodness and I relish every bit of it!  Don't forget to dip it into some sweet Thai chili sauce and you're all set for a dose of major food coma--perfect ending to a lazy Sunday afternoon, don't ya think? I concur. :)


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