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...Be sure to wear, some flowers in your hair/If you're going to San Francisco/You're gonna meet some gentle people there..."  Everytime I drive into the beautiful bay area, this song by Scott McKenzie is the background music luring me across the bay bridge.  This past weekend was no different. I'm nearly done with my first year in business school and as fate would have it, I arranged for my self-professed "Me Day in the Bay!" I love it! Except b/c I invited my sister and some great girl friends along, I made it a "We Day!" Oh, it was lovely.  Me or We...everyone should arrange for these days of guiltless pleasure without any real plans, but to simply cruise the Bay area and breathe in the crisp bay breeze, while indulging in the finest epicurean delights to tease and tempt my tastebuds.

The day started off nicely with a trip to the farmer's market at the Ferry Building.  I was on a mission to visit Miette and become (once more) entranced by her charming allure.  And boy oh boy was I! So many people out and about on foot, it really made me miss my college days in the bay.  We were lucky enough to chug down some fresh-sqeezed blood orange, grapefruit and orange juice that was so delicious, it nearly made me fall over with joy.  So, without further ado, here's a documentary of how our day transpired.  Toodles!

So much fresh red (and orange!) chard, cara cara oranges and locally-grown artichokes.

Miette Confiserie in the Ferry Building..even cuter than the one in the Marina :) So much pinks and pastels in time for Easter. 

On our way to spend a sunny afternoon in the Mission District lounging at Dolores Park.

Chocolate chip cookies and double scoops of toasted coconut ice cream cones from the famous (wait in a line that snakes around the corner of Dolores) Bi-Rite Creamery & Bake Shop.

Dinner at Limon in the Mission District.  By far one of the best Peruvian restaurants I've ever feasted in.  Their service was nothing less than impeccable.  They seated us at the lower bar area (w/o reservations..thank goodness we came early) and the 'cebiche mixto con leche de tigre'  was on point! Freshly prepared with snapper, calamari and shrimp drizzled with a tang of citrus and fresh kernels of hominy, all I could wonder was how it could possibly get any better. But oh yes..it did! I practically devoured the cebiche nikei that consisted of the most tender and freshest cut of perfectly sliced ahi tuna one could ever wish for---definitely my favorite.

But the most memorable part of the evening was when the head Chef Alex served up complimentary cebiche shooters to our party b/c apparently, my sister's pork chop was taking a bit longer to cook.  And honestly, we were too busy enjoying our appetizers to even realize the wait.  God, if it's anything that will bring my happy butt back into a restaurant, it is hands down: the service! Thank you Limon for making We Day a 'frickin great day!

And what better way to end a wonderful evening than with a pink strawberry lemon drop...delish!


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  1. These photos are stunning... Stunning... STUNNING! Lovely job.

  2. high low says:

    Just started following your blog and love your photos! I've visited San Fran a few times and can't wait to return - The Ferry Building is my fave spot!

  3. @CheeseGoddess: Thank you!
    @high low: Yes, SF is by far my favorite spot to spend a weekend. You must come back! There are so much to discover!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your photography is breathtaking!

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