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  • I'm a budding food-tographer turned blogger who's insanely passionate about food..real food...the kind that sprouts from the earth and you have to wash it to eat it. Yes, hearty real food. I live to eat and I eat to live and am loving every bit of it! If you're here, then I suppose we share the same passion! Enjoy!

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In case you're pondering...

Q:  Why Spicy Green Mango?
A:  Well, why the heck not? In all honesty, my first ideas for a blog name were all taken (darn! those creative souls that beat me to the punch!), so out of sheer frustration and my eagerness to launch my blog, I thought about all the wonderful fruits I love to eat.  Mango is yummy..but green mango is delectable in my book--sour, tart and makes my mouth pucker just thinking about it! Pair that with some spiciness and you have a  pretty damn great munchie if you ask me. 

Secondly, I grew up eating tropical fruits as I hail from the lush motherland in Southeast Asia.  So, yes, green mango also speaks to my own roots as well, so there you have it:  Spicy Green Mango (and might I add, awesome, too?)

Q:  I'm really digging your photos, are you a pro?
A:  I'm flattered, but actually, I'm quite the opposite.  I have always adored great photography (you know, the ones that make you drool unknowingly as you peruse their blog..yeah those ones), but never had the means (or skills) to take any great photos myself until I snagged my first Nikon DSLR and macro 50mm lens along with free photo lessons from a dear friend (thank you Pink Scarf). 

I have only recently begun exploring the vast world that many pros bank their dollars on, so for now, this is purely a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy.  I get to channel my creative energy whenever I want and in doing so, I'll be the gal who's probably sitting next to you in a restaurant snapping away at her food to find that perfect shot (so excuse me if you happen to catch me in the act).  It also doesn't hurt that I go bonkers for all things cute, whimsical and oh-so-charming.  If you're enjoying my blog, then that means our tastes are probably more similar than you think ;)

Q:  Do you take all the photos I'm seeing?
A:  Yes, unless I indicate otherwise. So, no stealing or re-posting w/o my consent, comprende? If you love what you see, then I ask that you also respect the work that went into taking these lovely eye candies.

Q:  All this is making my mouth water, so will you include recipes soon?
A:  Darn, I thought nobody would notice that I'm not into writing down recipes.  Honestly, I don't ever use recipes unless I'm baking (b/c that's when precision really counts).  Growing up, the only way my mother would teach me how to cook was if I watched her in the kitchen, so she never wrote anything down for me.  So, all my recipes are from years of memory with the women who knows more about food than I can ever imagine (thanks, mom!).  BUT, I understand where you're coming from, so I will try my darndest to post some simple instructions on how I go about constructing my feast.  Fair enough? I think so:)

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