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  • I'm a budding food-tographer turned blogger who's insanely passionate about food..real food...the kind that sprouts from the earth and you have to wash it to eat it. Yes, hearty real food. I live to eat and I eat to live and am loving every bit of it! If you're here, then I suppose we share the same passion! Enjoy!

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You're all invited! I'm teaming up with the extremely talented and stylish darlings at Retrofit Republic, a sustainable vintage store with a social mission, to bring you an opportunity to MEET and EAT with none other than the nut who loves all things that make her belly go wild. It's me, of course, silly!

Let's face it.  In this economy, many of us really are having to get creative with less.  And I can’t imagine a more opportune time to be resourceful.  As a foodie, I'm always looking for ways to use my leftovers (hence my Pumpkin pot pie made from the juicy morsels of Thanksgiving turkey).  As a child, my mom always made me finish every last grain of sticky rice rolled up in my palm and remind me how grateful I should be to the farmers who had the arduous task of harvesting the rice that I ate.  During my formative years in Thailand within the confines of the refugee camps, my parents had to harvest their own rice by hand, under the tinge of the beating sun, and if you couldn't harvest rice, you basically couldn't feed your family.  To this day, I finish my rice or else I have to settle for a gut full of guilt.

This is where The Social Barter comes into play. We’re creating a space where talented people of diverse skill sets can come together to talent swap. For example, if you’ve always wanted to create that website but don’t have the time, skill, or funds for it, make it a point to connect with a website designer at the Social Barter and offer your service/skills for her/him/zir to make that website happen.  In fact, that's probably what I'll be seeking for myself.  As I found out rather quickly in college, the ability to cook well is definitely a talent that is much sought after by many hungry souls.  Why not barter what you know best? The possibilities are endless, so I hope you'll join me.

Alongside some other amazing talent (ahem, thanks sis and company), I'll  be dishing up some of my favorite culinary creations as well and please believe that when there's Spicy, there's got to be a whimsical tablescape to make you swoon over and over again. I cannot wait to see you there!


T H E – S O C I A L – B A R T E R

hosted by Retrofit Republic + Spicy Green Mango

470 3rd St. San Francisco | DarTealing Lounge | Wednesday, Dec 8, 2010 | 5:30- 8:30 PM

Come for the great fashion, food, and entrepreneurial networking- and leave with strong connections with other creative artists in the San Francisco Bay Area and abroad.

This is an open invitation and free event so do forward this email to your connects.
RSVP to team@retrofitrepublic.com and we can’t wait to see you there!

Let’s make it Spicy!


16 Responses

  1. high low says:

    Wish I was in San Fran to enjoy this event! It mixes 2 of my fave things!

  2. Wow, sounds like a great event:) what a wonderful idea!

  3. Sharon says:

    Oh I really wish I could make it there...

  4. Ben says:

    Great !!...I wish I could make it and meet you all there. It's going to be fantastic.

  5. Wish I lived closer, have fun. GREG

  6. Peggy says:

    I so wish that I lived closer to San Francisco! This sounds like an awesome event!

  7. dana says:

    i wish i would have been staying near to your place...it sounds so great!
    Have a good day!!

  8. Amy says:

    I'm hosting the very first GIVEAWAY from my blog. Please stop by to submit an entry. Good Luck! http://utry.it/2011/01/happy-birthday-to-meand-very-first.html

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