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  • I'm a budding food-tographer turned blogger who's insanely passionate about food..real food...the kind that sprouts from the earth and you have to wash it to eat it. Yes, hearty real food. I live to eat and I eat to live and am loving every bit of it! If you're here, then I suppose we share the same passion! Enjoy!

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Within the past few days, I have been tremendously inspired by all the creativity and passion from many of the talented food bloggers competing in Foodbuzz' Project Food Blog. I am beyond thrilled to have received so many sweet comments from each of you who are avidly supporting me during this journey. I read and absolutely adore each of your thoughtful words, so as a token of my appreciation, here's a bouquet of lovely dahlias I picked up from the farmers' market AND I'd like to offer you a sneak preview at what's brewing behind the scenes should I advance to Challenge #3 and be given the wonderful opportunity of creating a luxury dinner party.  So, here goes:

A special somebody in my life will be celebrating their day of birth very soon! Ever wondered how you can create a luxury-themed dinner party for a man without going overboard with all the girly fluff, pinks and pastels? I'll show you how. In the meantime, here's what inspired me:

      Photo Credit: Erin Hearts Court

This is just a sneak peek of what I have planned, but to ensure that I get  a chance to show you even more, remember to show your love for Spicy Green Mango by clicking here on the heart or on my Project Food Blog widget on the right of the screen.  Voting ends on Thursday, September 30 at 6pm PST. 

Awe, gee thanks everyone!



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