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When I found out that Foodbuzz had selected my entry to be among 24 of their featured publishers across the world to showcase my love for grubbing on the season's freshest catch, I was beyond enthralled.  Aside from the fact that this post would become one of my top favorites, it was truly an opportunity for me to pay tribute to (quite possibly) my most treasured gem of the sea: oysters, baby!

With the climate just ripe for slurping and burping and the abundance of fresh, spring produce making its way to our farmer's markets, nothing is better than shucking away to our heart's delight. I'm talking about the fresh little suckers nestled on the tip of the pristine waters of Tomales Bay, just 10 miles from San Francisco and a short drive from the Point Reyes Station.  Founded by a trio of marine biologists, the Hog Island Oyster Company is famous for their succulent Sweetwater oysters that taste just like it sounds.

Here's a glimmer at the menu created exclusively for the Bash:

Starting off with...
1. Farm fresh and into my mouth Pt. Reyes Sweetwater Oysters sprinkled with backyard meyer lemons and tabasco sauce
2. Korean-style BBQ with lemongrass/ginger marinated chicken wings & ribs
3. Grilled steak lettuce wraps with baby red & green bib lettuce & frisee w/a drizzle of spicy chili garlic sauce
3. Farmer's market veggie kabobs: button mushrooms, zucchini, colorful bell peppers

And Some Sweet Nibbles
4. Sweet, ripe and oh-so-darn delicious strawberries served up in wooden pint baskets
5. Meyer lemon & French vanilla bean creme brulee featuring organic Straus family cream
6. And a special surprise tres leches cake for J's Birthday...O-MA-GAWD!

All guests were instructed to secure an additional compartment for their bellies. Luckily, all of them did just that (and judging from the fact that there was next to nothing left over, I think some even bought spares).
And are you ready for more?

Juicy ribs grilled to the optimal level of deliciousness.  Plus, I was so infatuated with my friend, Jen's, dress pattern that I decided she should place a plate of ribs on her lap, a golden mango in her palm and Okui Farms strawberries in the cup of her hand.  Jen was more than delighted to grant my wishes as long I gave her oyster slurping breaks in between takes of my food styling. I happily obliged and limited her breaks to 5 minutes.  Hey, who says I don't treat my models well? 

Love me some freshly-squeezed blood orange juiciness.

I would like to thank my wonderfully talented hand models: Lisa, Jen & Elaine for lending me their lovely lady fingers b/c my own chubby little sausages for fingers surely would not do my food any justice :).

...and another special shout-out to my girls, Julia and Elaine's, amazing Korean lettuce wraps with grilled pork belly & onions resting on a bed of sesame leaves (oh, I wish I had gotten a shot of the adorable leaf  but I was so consumed by the goodness) topped with fresh slices of garlic, jalapeno peppers and a sesame oil dressing (and I topped mine with more chilis..hehe!). Thanks J & E!!!

Oh, and my girl Jennaaay also brought me dragon fruit and I'm going to save those for a special session of its own b/c it's too gorgeous to not do so.  

We also celebrated a birthday of my girl, Julia.  Happy Birthday, sweetie!!! Such a superstar, you are to have 2 cakes to choose from!

And doesn't J.J. look lovely with her adorable hat and golden ranuncula tucked in her hair? And the way the light bounces off her soft tendrils? I thought so :)

So, it just occurred to me that many of the my fabulous bash-goers have names starting with the letter "J." Thanks guys (and gals) for sharing in an amazing experience of oysters, sunshine, BBQ and great laughter.  So, until next time, slurp on! 

In the words of J.J:  'Positivity of the Day:
Celebrating with awesome friends & family AND being dazzled by all the compliments of passersby and neighboring oyster eaters who consistently commented on our food styling and decor for our bash. 

And of course, many heartfelt thanks to my hubby who lugged my butt all the way to/from Point Reyes while playing the part of grill master for the bash and my sis for being my sous chef/creative guru for the event. Couldn't have pulled all this off w/o you guys. And lastly, THANK YOU FOODBUZZ for allowing me the opportunity to pour my heart into what I love most!!!


13 Responses

  1. Jen says:

    What a gorgeous pictorial of an amazing afternoon! Food was SO incredible, as was the company. :) BTW, who is that talented hand model?

  2. This bash looks amazing! What great weather, and beautiful fresh foods!

  3. Love YOU. love IT! GREG

  4. Food was PHENOMENAL!!! FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY!! Photos like these that make me wish I didn't have such carnival hands!

  5. @Jen: Why, I'm not sure whose lovely hands those are, but I'm quite sure she's a mighty fine lady:) Thanks!

    @Fresh/Local/Best: Awe..many thanks and really happy you enjoyed it!

    @Sippity Sup: Thank you Greg!

    @Julia: You already know how I feel about your amazingness, but I'll toot your horn again, superstar! Hugs all the way (carnival hands & all)!

  6. Ivy says:

    Congratulations for being one of the other 23. Great pictures and everything looks lip-smacking delicious!!

  7. Liren says:

    Woooow! I love Point Reyes, it's a favorite spot of mine and the hubby's pre kids. What a fantastic idea for 24, 24, 24, and your photos are just so lovely!!! Great menu, too! Beautiful!

  8. wow! so jealous - i love oysters as much (if not more) than almost any other food. what a wonderful 24, 24, 24 post - thanks for sharing!

  9. That's definitely an event I would have loved to attend. Creative, outdoors, fun menu...and great photos. Congrats!

  10. Janis says:

    Oh my I am jealous of this feast. We have moved away (not by choice) from the Bay area and now I pine for Hog Island Oysters. Your feast on all that amazing food looks wonderful.

  11. Very lovely photos! Great color!

  12. Hello to my lovely readers. Thanks for the comments. I cannot gush over how fresh these oysters are...hmm..time to go back for more soon!

  13. Congrats on the 24, 24, 24! I love oysters!!! Wish I was there! YUM :)

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