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Yep, you're staring smack dab into just a part of my dinner from this past weekend. And yes, I, too, needed a bib while snapping this shot.

Last week ended with a few notable experiences and as always, nothing short of amazing.  I'll be among the first to let you in on a little snippet of what's been going on behind my blog.  As a featured publisher with FoodBuzz, I had the opportunity to debut my first on-camera self for a marketing video that they're in the midst of producing for their company.   I didn't know what to expect when I stumbled on set (a real, live set with cameras, lights and a director's chair to boot), but I was greeted with the sweetest crew ever and couldn't have asked for a more positive and memorable experience to showcase my blog and my love for food and of course..FoodBuzz!!  I had butterflies swarming in my tummy when I first got into the hot seat, but quickly warmed up to the camera.  My hubby was on hand to lend his support and I met such wonderful fellow food bloggers, the day couldn't have began on a more perfect note.  I left feeling even more jazzed about my blog (although, I must admit that my head might have gained an extra inch or so in its circumference from all flattering remarks I received on my performance).  Don't worry.  Should this blog become something more than my own foodie obsession, I shall not forget all my devoted fans--and if you're reading this, I'm talking to you!

So, did I venture into San Francisco just to have my 15 (actually 30 minutes) in the spotlight? If you know me, you already know the answer.  Heck no!  Actually, my hubby and I were in the City to celebrate the first portion of our wedding anniversary.  I say first b/c the 2nd portion is to be continued in our summer travel adventures (so, make sure you stay tuned during the upcoming months). 

I'm going to make this short and sweet b/c like you, I am skimming blogs for the visuals.  So, here you go!

Lunch at Luna Park in the Mission District:  Grilled, beer marinated half chicken w/arugula, grape tomato and avocado salad and roasted fingerling potatoes.  The mussels were delish! and cooked in a wine broth sprinkled with fresh chilis, cilantro and lime and served with a side of fries.  Okay, I'm in love with the metal measuring cup the fries were served in---so easy to please, I am.

And then the MOST out-of-this-world dining at 5A5 Steak Lounge in the Financial District of SF.  I've eaten at many lavish steak establishments and tried many cuts of beef, but I must attest to the quality, ambience and service at 5A5: 5 Stars ALL arround!

I had done some yelping and googling the night prior and made the reservation (with my fingers crossed and all).  The hubby hasn't dined on a really great steak or rib-eye since our time in Hawaii, so I figured this would be it.  And boy, it was!  We arrived for an early dinner and the service from start to finish was impeccable.  Our water glasses were constantly being refilled w/o either of us having to ask and each time one of us got up from the table, we'd return with our dinner napkins neatly folded and placed back on the table.  Not only that, but our waitress was incredibly knowledgeable about EVERY aspect of the menu and even started with an orientation of what to sample and consider.  And yes, the decor and ambience is a bit more on the swankier, modern contemporary side, but the service lacks the pretentiousness that a typical place like this would garner. 

Our Menu for the Evening:
--Himachi Shooters w/ponzu dressing
--Warm house-made bread w/bacon bits
--Lobster tempura (that's the 1st picture you saw)
--Dayboat scallops w/fennel, prosciutto & black bean sauce
--Bone-in ribeye with bbq demi glaze
--Australian kobe beef
--Macha green tea doughnuts w/homemade peach ice cream

NOTE on KOBE:  I've only heard about Kobe beef, its origins in Japan, and the tender love and care that farmers pay to their prized Wagyu cattle by massaging and feeding them the best.  Because of the way these cattle are raised, they produce the most tender and well-marbled beef you'll ever taste.  I have to say that I was a skeptic and really couldn't understand what all the fuss was about until I bit into my first sliver of Kobe beef.  Damn!  It was THAT good..if not more!  Yes, it is pricey, but a small 8 oz. steak will have you singing showtunes in no time...well, that or humming to whatever the cast of GLEE just sang.  Either way, it is definitely worth every bit of what it's cracked up to be. 


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  1. Matt Kay says:

    I absolutely love the photography. I'm starving now. :D

  2. Thank you, Matt!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don't always skim, i read, that's where the good stuff is, even though your photography is gorgeous!!!! Don't suppose you have any leftovers? LOL

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